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  • Have you ever felt like you just don't belong? 

  • Have you ever felt like an alien, wondering were are the others like you?

  • Do you often find yourself challenging the views of others just by staying true to yourself?

  • Did you experience some very impactful events in your life that resulted in trauma?

Deep down you choose curiosity, exploration & passion. You choose beauty, connection & the celebration of our multi-dimensional diversity over division. You choose to answer to something greater than yourself & can't be stereotyped / categorized into a fixed role in society.


This path, how ever important & rewarding, is not an easy one to walk. It activates within us levels of stress, fear, anxiety, trauma and difficult emotions that match the incredible expansion you create by being authentic. This is where expression therapy becomes the medicine you seek.

Empaths, artists, gifted adults, healers, hyper sensitives, LGBTQ+ and visionaries... 


The path of expanding into ourselves as Creators...

Every person is born with the ability to express themselves. Through the romantic nature of the human Spirit, we are all poets, lovers and pirates. Yet so many of us have not been initiated into the genius of our creative expression: Alchemy.

This powerful process is something that simply can't be explained. It must be experienced.

Quantum physics & neuroscience now shows us that...

Our thoughts emit electrical signals that our bodies respond to by creating a chemical cocktails that make up our emotions. In turn, emotions broadcast  a magnetic field around us measured as far as 8 feet off the body. This field magnetizes experiences back to us that match the frequency of the emotions we feel.


We are a living, breathing feedback loop. What are you attracting with your loop?

So you may be going about your life with the best of intentions but your impact and ability to be of service may be clouded by dense frequencies in your field. Some come from your thoughts and other you absorb from people around you & the collective. All too often, without knowing, we end up as the "wounded healer" or artist because we didn't give enough importance to nurturing & caring for our energetic / quantum health. Some of us even throw ourselves in creative & altruistic work to avoid looking within when things get cloudy within. But the time has come to level-up, face ourselves and move about the world in true Creatorship for the highest good of all. The best part is that this can be easy & fuuuuuuuun!!!

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It can be hard to dedicate time to identifying, integrating & transforming these limiting states of being...mostly because we don't fully understand the benefits of it. Maybe you have tried traditional psychology / talk therapy and did not feel understood or clear benefits...

By engaging with your gifts of expression with the purpose of transforming what is weighing down your feedback loop, you literally free up energy within yourself. That expression "I feel so much lighter" is actually accurate!


As your  overall frequency lightens, you attract a higher range of events, people & opportunities. Before long, you uncover so much more depth to your creative gifts and become a true agent of inspiration, joy, excitement & Love in the world. The thinking mind quiets down and you are available to the present moment - which is where all the synchronistic magic of life truly happens. 

Dedicating time to release

heavy emotional states...


Reactivating your genius codes

of creative expression...

Talk therapy has become the most commonly used approach to moving past trauma, fears and  anxiety in part because we have been cut off from our roots and born to a society model that worships the thinking mind above all else. As mental illness, depression & anxiety become an unprecedented crisis worldwide, it's time to come to our "senses" - quite literally!  We are multi-dimensional beings and need to nurture ALL aspects of what we are.



Not only do we now have outstanding scientific evidence of the benefits of multi-sensory expression practices on people's well being, but our greatest testament comes from our ancestors. Cultural anthropology & ethnology clearly show that humans have always used creative ceremonial practices, involving all art forms, to deal with trauma & a return to a state of harmony within ourselves and in the world.

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Abstract Horizon

Expression activations

to serve your expansion.

Know that if you are here now, it is because you are meant to be here. So welcome :)


I am here to serve my kind: the outsiders, the exiled, the "over-sensitive", the eccentric,  the rebels, the weirdos, the marginalized diversity groups, the scandalous, the "woo woo" dreamers & the"out of the box thinkers"with hearts of gold.

I appreciate you. I understand you & believe that what you stand for is of immense value and importance.


As a deeply empathic & creative "weirdo" myself, I knows the joys, struggles & sacred path of living from authenticity & inspiration in a world of conformity. All my life experiences & self-directed studies up until now have brought me to this calling of supporting others like me to move through dense frequencies to activate and reclaim our lives as Creators in the healthiest, most holistic & lasting way possible.


  • Flow state & creativity activation.

  • Archetypal psychology, NLP, sensory hypnosis.

  • Shining a compassionate light on shadows (fears).

  • Expanding your views on what you feel is possible. 

  • Exploring & deepening you unique creative gifts.

  • Major perception shifts & inspirations on how you engage with your life, friends, family, goals...

  • Sounding journeys + teaching of life as a rich & fun ceremonial art form.

  • Having fun while doing healing work!

If you truly feel called to nurture the fullest expression of your BEING, create beauty and inspire incredible change, there has never been a more important time to rise to the occasion! Offering yourself the gift of being supported is life changing.


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" The role of the Artist is to make the revolution irresistible."
- Toni Cade Cambarayou -
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"The breakthroughs I keep having are incredible.

Ashley's offerings go straight to the heart of what needs to be seen/healed/released. More beautiful tears shed, more transformation

I feel inside. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 

This is such important work."

Jen Wende, Generational Healer 

Tap into your inner alchemist.

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