Discovering the art of self-harmonizing

through your own creative expression.


" The pain we dont transform we transmit to everyone around us. In a world where fear, confusion and uncertainty are a global crisis, my mission is to craft inspiring opportunities for people to explore expressive arts. That way, each person becomes aware and able transform what is uncomfortable through their own creative expression. This is our natural way of having a deeply positive impact in the world, everyday." - Marie Ashley Nelson 


Every person is born with the ability to express themselves. Through the romantic nature of the human Spirit, we are all poets, lovers and pirates. Yet, artist or not, so many of us have yet to be initiated into the genius of our creative expression: 


⫷  ✴  ✵  Alchemy  ✵  ✴ ⫸

It is our ability to transform difficult emotions through creativity to regain emotional, mental, physical & spiritual well being.

In 2019, the World Health Organisation published a scientific study on the health benefits of artistic practices. This was the most extensive study of it's kind, compiling information from over 900 publications over the last 2 decades from all around the world. The evidence clearly shows exceptional health benefits in practicing multi-sensory artistic practices for people of all ages.

When we engage with our creativity, the entire brain lights up and gets involved, so the positive potential of any therapeutic approach done creativity is extraordinary. Even better still, it's FUN! Expressive Arts is an approach within which we value the creative process itself over the resulting art work. This means there is no pressure of perfomance or perfection. Just an invitation to flow within creative experimentation.


Multidisciplinary artist, musician, permaculturist & immersive experience designer, Ashley is certified in creative life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy. 

It is from her dream of creating a more harmonious world filled with art and beauty that she combines all her expertise into her own signature offerings. Each one is a unique & dynamic journey of exploring ones own creative expression. These offerings are designed to address the multidimensional aspects of our being in a stimulating, compassionate & judgement free environment. They aim to equip people with practices they can add to their everyday to enjoy a more balanced & colorful experience of Life overall.

It is with so much joy and reverence for  the magic of creativity within each person that she welcomes and invites you to discover 
the masterpiece that you are.


Be it online, in person, in groups or one on one, you will be welcomed into a creative space free of judgement or pressure. Here we explore your own well being through sharing about feelings, creating art, chanting, music making, storytelling, mouvement and play.



Sharing Circles

Anytime, Anywhere


Sharing circles every 2 weeks. Duration: 2 hours

Suggested donation: 25$


Being a Rainforest Mind myself, I know that it can get lonely. So it is from the heart that I created this offering. Twice a month, come together with others who identify as gifted, hypersensitive and / or highly empathic. Each circle starts with the introduction of a theme. Then we have time for open shares where you are invited to listen to your peers and / or express what is present for you within the given theme. Each circle ends with an expressive arts practice. A great way to feel heard, understood and meet others like you within a compassionate community setting.


One on One



Anytime, Anywhere


Online and at the studio.

Starts at 120$/session

Expression Therapy & Creative Mentoring

This is for you if you would like to be supported in discovering more dimensions of yourself, navigating difficult patterns or life situations and exploring more of your own creative expression. Each individual session is uniquely tailored to what is present for you as you show up. A session starts with an invitation to express what you are going through in the moment then progress's into an expressive arts practice that best balances and supports your experience. If you are an artist or musician, this is amazing to deepen into the vibrational understanding of your craft and the incredible impact you can have as a creator.




Anytime, Anywhere


Online and at the studio.

Starts at 40$/workshop

High on Sounds
These sounding workshops are designed to open your understanding of the therapeutic power of sounds and your own voice as vibration. You will explore different methods to express yourself through sound for the purpose of harmonizing the myriad of frequencies that make up your being. Open to everyone, singers and non-singers alike.

Meditation in Motion
Explore how to truly inhabit your physical body & engage in movement, dance or role playing for the purpose of releasing any heavy emotional states, stress, trauma or anxiety while having fun.

Earth your Visions
Experimentations with several forms of visual arts, symbolism, colors, & storytelling for the purpose of better understanding how your imagination connects to your emotions & inner process. Painting, drawing, collage,  body painting.

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Jen Wende

Generational Healer

"The breakthroughs I keep having are incredible.

Ashley's offerings go straight to the heart of what needs to be seen/healed/released. More beautiful tears shed, more transformation

I feel inside.


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. 

This is such important work."

Elizabeth Mountford

Mindset & breath work expert

"Ashley is truly a powerful and kind soul. She is a visionary who holds space for you to dream big and expand your perspectives.


If you’re looking for someone to cultivate your deeper self & purpose through creativity, I truly recommend her!"


Empath &  yoga teacher

"I instantly felt safe and at home with Ashley.


Reconnecting with my true nature and learning to be expressed made me feel connected to myself in a way I hadn’t experienced before. She has this way of bringing you these pieces of a puzzle, you’ve always had but might’ve lost along the way. 


She helped me realize what I always thought were weaknesses of mine as “SUPER POWERS” and that’s a gift I will cherish forever.

Karen Côté

Painter & author.

"Ashley's sessions have opened channels for self-discovery in such fun ways!  Her compassion, leadership and creativity raise coaching to a new level. She is a true visionary who teaches from a the heart.


It is a revealing delight to discover my hidden strengths, gifts and unlimited creative force."


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